BCX is back ! October 9th, 2016

A challenging, hilly and fun CX or XC race  at Victory Hill on the wild side of the Kingdom Trails network in Vermont. CX bikes with 40c tires are ideal. Hardtail MTBs with light treads will be work well too.

Course: This unique 7 km cyclocross / XC circuit includes 2-3 km of cyclocross in a field, 3.5 km of dirt road, 1.5 km of intermediate singletrack mostly uphill. Cyclocross aspects include a sand pit and a CX parcours with short climbs, barriers, jumps and some fast descents, as well as a gnarly Koppenberg sector with a dismount and stream crossing.

Our idea is make a long and hilly version of cyclocross allowing road riders, mtb riders and graveleurs to activate their endurance and climbing power.

The initial edition of BCX was described by participants as a less technical XC MTB course. This year we aim to make it a little more favorable to CX bikes, including fast sections and more dirt road, as well as new Koppenberg sector.

9,18 or 27 kilometers (It took the winner 95 minutes to complete 24 km in the 2014 race).
3 kilometer easy kid’s loop for 11 and under.

Cash Prizes:

For Womens (Open), Mens (Open)and Master’s 40+ Categories the payout will be 50% of entry fees gathered in respective categories. For example if 30 riders are registered in a category and $900 is gathered, then the prize list will be $450 spread over 10 places. The more riders the bigger the cash prize list. *If fewer than 20 riders are registered in any category there will be half as many places offered as entrants.

Merchandise Prizes: In the Junior categories, merchandise and other prizes will be offered.


UPDATE :. Course surfaces are lumpier than hoped.  CX bikes with 40C or larger tires or MTBs with light 1.95 or 2.0 tires are recommended.  Hardtail 29ers will probably roll more smoothly than cyclocross or gravel tires but it remains to be seen which eill be faster

CX bikes should use climbing gears (minimum 39×28) and 42C or bigger tires. Great for mountain bikes too, which should be at parity on many trail sections.

Victory  Hill
Vermont, Victory is remote jurisdiction of less than 70 inhabitants, reknowned for wildlife in the Victory Bog. Victory Hill, the BCX venue, is situated on Victory Hill Road, above an old pasture with great views of the White Mountains. Some of race trails are also used for the CircumBurke race on Oct. 25th. These will someday be incorporated into the Kingdom Trails network..


Look for updates on FACEBOOK and at BACKCOUNTRY CROSS (BCX). An unsanctioned event: welcoming unlicensed as well as USA Cycling, CANADIAN and other foreign license holders.

Hosted by the organizers of the CIRCUMBURKE MTB CHALLENGE AND MOUNTAIN RUN , held two weeks later on Saturday October 25th, 2014 in East Burke – Conservation Collaboratives, Kingdom Trails and the Burke Chamber of Commerce

 victory hill WHITE png  bcx  kta_crown_black KT Conservation Collaboratives Logo

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