2014 Recap


In 2014, on Sunday, October 12th, nearly 50 racers showed up for the inaugural Backcountry Cross, a trail and dirt road race for CX bikes and MTBs. The 6 km circuit combined cyclocross in an old pasture with single track and dirt roads. Definitely not a conventional CX layouts, the course lacked jerky off camber cyclocross turns but the technical aspect the singletrack, a sandy gravel pit, a few tight zig zags around an old farmhouse and even two sections of barriers made the race technically challenging enough, while definitely hillier and longer than most CX events. Initially the course appeared to favor the use of MTBs, and shaped up to be a battle between Cyclocross and MTB bikes as the initially rough surfaces of the freshly built course began to burn in, and favor the CX bike.

Men, Women and children competed in either the 30 km, 18 km or 3 km versions. The fastest finishers in each category were Matt Boobar (Masters), Eric Tremble (Mens Open), former Master’s World Cyclocross Champion – Marilyn Ruseckas (Women), John Hackney (Mens 18), Carrie Beck (Women’s 18), Austin Beard (Juniors) as well as a pack of Under 13 and Under 10 Kids racers who all rode very fast several times around the 1.5 Km  mile kids loop.

The landscape of the Victory backcountry, sunny weather and views of a snow capped Mt. Washington provided an exceptional backdrop to the race itself. Check out the photo album on Facebook. 

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